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…but lack the expertise or time to achieve it?



We can help. Eksentria is a small company, but our network is strong. We are able to offer expertise extensively in different kinds of software projects. We can gather a team that has the precise knowledge and skills needed for a particular project. We can provide the services tailor-made depending on which resources you are lacking:


  • The very initial phase: feasibility and market review
  • Resource planning
  • Planning phase: requirement specification
  • Design phase: technical specifications
  • Visual design
  • Development of the software
  • Testing
  • Integrations
  • Maintenance





We differentiate by being agile. Not just using agile processes, but being able to adapt fast and in open-minded way to volatilities in our business relationships and projects. We want to keep our customers happy and that means meeting the requirements in every step of the way – not just at the end.


  • We can adjust the team structure when needed
  • We can adjust the team skills when needed
  • We can adjust the team size when needed
  • We can adjust the course of development
  • We can adjust the scope
  • We can adjust the content of the development
  • We can adjust the time frame (as far as it is possible)












Eksentria Oy has managed several CRM and marketing automation projects, and has acquired good knowledge of how to successfully implement and introduce a new systems and processes in an organization, how to manage the change, and how to plan and carry out the development including configurations and integrations.


The platforms Eksentria has experience on:

Oracle CRM on Demand
Adobe Campaign





The service we offer lies on an experience acquired during several years. The experience includes both technical and business aspects of implementation, development and maintenance:


  • Project Management
  • Agile methodology: scrum
  • Business process definition
  • System configuration and development
  • Business intelligence
  • Integrations
  • Master data management
  • Implementation
  • Change management
  • Training


Our offering can be divided into three main groups: development services, consulting services and our own software products.



  1. Development services:

    • Salesforce platform: administration and development services
    • Software development services


    More information on page Software Development.



  3. Consulting services:

    • CRM consulting
    • Marketing automation consulting
    • Bitrix implementation


    More information on page Consulting.



  5. Own software products:

    We are interested in developing projects in the area of content technology, which means applications for delivering content or information to recipients. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and ideas, and aim to develop them according to our resources. We have developed three products of our own, and some are on the way.

    Take a look by clicking the images below!


    • Babytale

      Software products

      Layer 1


      Category: Software products

      Babytale is a digital babybook where you can store the memories of the first years of the baby's life in digital form and later get a book printed. It is easy to use and offers more possibilities for innovation than traditional babybooks. The launch of Babytale was in Lapsimessut trade fair in the spring 2014.

      Babytale is a virtual version of the traditional printed babybook – but it is easier to edit, easier to add photos in, and in addition you can use as much or as little imagination, creativity and time as you feel like! There are ready-made templates, just like in the traditional printed babybook, but Babytale templates can also be edited as wished – move images and text boxes, change font, etc. You can also start with an empty page, but even then are the icons available for you.


    • NetKampus

      Software products

      Layer 1


      Category: Software products

      NetKampus is an e-learning platform. The main difference to other e-learning platforms are:

      • It is simple
      • It is inexpensive

      The simplicity means that we have focused on an environment that is easy to use and contains only the necessary – but all required – functionalities. The easiness of use has cost us no more than innovative thinking, but limiting the functionalities to only those that are essential has made the development more cost-effective, which means lower price to our customers. We have started to develop the platform solely from the customer needs. The initial version was developed based on several discussions with one educational organization. From there we have added features and functionalities as we have received requests from the clients. All the new functionalities are always automatically available for all the customers and users. The customers of NetKampus are mainly different educational organizations, such as universities and colleges, but also both public and private organizations that offer training or other informative material to their stakeholders. The platform fulfills the digital training needs of an organization that does not require highly complex system with time-consuming configuration possibilities, but instead needs a basic functioning system for basic training online with lower cost. NetKampus environment has been designed for distribution of digital material. This material distributed can be almost any kind of digital file or other information channel. The platform contains all necessary functionalities for creating a basic digital training course. Functionalities:

      • Hierarchical course and lecture structure
      • Distribution of files and links; question sheets, reviews, reading material, case studies..
      • Quizes and follow-up
      • Discussion forums
      • Chat
      • Calendar
      • Personal space for communication
      • User groups
      • Innovative user management
      • Course instructor groups
      • Organization management

      The platform is a hosted web application, Software As A Service (SAAS), so no hardware or maintenance resources are needed from the client. The learning environment is secured with authentication, and the client organization decides on what level of rights are to be issued and to whom. The authentication and user accounts maintenance are part of the service.

    • Work in progress

      Software products

      Layer 1

      Work in progress

      Category: Software products

      Eksentria always has new ideas under development. Currently two ideas have passed the filter and are on their way to development.


      Shopinfo is a technology-aided marketing solution for retail industry implemented through mobile application. It will offer retail shops targeted marketing tool and consumers a way of finding exactly what they need. The development was started a few years ago, but the project has been on hold, waiting for the market to be ready.

      Online video presentations

      NetKaptor is a predecessor of the new product, a video-presentation tool that has been as a product in our product portfolio already earlier. It was based on open source software, but the development took a course undesired by us, and we decided to start developing a new tool for the same purpose – with a more modern and user-oriented approach. The application offers a user – corporate/public sector or private consumer – ability to create a synchronized and indexed combination of video and slide presentation. The tool can be used for delivering any information that requires showing video and slides simultaneously with the ability to jump to desired point with the help of the "table of content". The application will have the following features:

      • Fully hosted online tool
      • Easy to use
      • Easy to deliver
      • Secure

      The process of developing the new product is in the very beginning at the moment.



Eksentria Oy is a small company based in Finland, founded in 2006. The core mission of the company is to develop different applications in the digital world relating to different types of content. The company also offers consulting and management and development of tailor-made software projects.





Eksentria has two products of its own:

  • Babytale
  • Netkampus


The most important thing in developing the company's own products is a close relationship to the customers or/and users. The goal is to do development according to the customer's needs and requirements as far as you can go. As a small company it is possible to be so agile that staying bound to a long-term plan is not necessary when the sense shows otherwise.


In addition there are two more in the future plans. Read more in the Products section on this site.





Eksentria Oy offers various skills for the use of its customers:

  • CRM consulting
  • Content technology solutions
  • Software development
  • User interface design
  • Training
  • Idea development


More details on CRM expertise and software development can be found in those sections on this web site.


Eksentria Oy operates in collaboration with other companies representing different fields of business in order to form a network where everyone can concentrate in their core competencies.



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