Expertise through collaboration

Eksentria is a Finnish software development and consultancy company founded in 2006, with operations in Denmark and Finland. We offer our clients expertise and skills for different types of IT projects, from project management to programming.

Our strength is in collaboration. We have an extensive network of resources, where each represents a different field of expertise. That way each of us can concentrate in core competencies, and we can deliver a full range of services within a project.

Project Management

Technical architects

Front-end developer

Back-end developers

Quality assurance

Change Management

Tailored services delivered agile

We differentiate by being agile. Not just using agile processes, but being able to adapt fast and be flexible when working with IT projects for our clients. Our goal is always to deliver state of the art IT projects.

Why Eksentria?

Affordable cost

Providing certain key services locally gives added value. Therefore certain functions, like scoping and project management, we perform in Finland and Denmark. Our technical team, including architects, programmers and technical lead, are located in Vietnam.

Experienced team

Together with our partners we deliver solid skillsets and performance. The relationship with our offshore team is built on mutual trust that has been developed over 10 years. An offshore team provides an extra benefit: we can keep the prices low – without compromising quality of the projects!

Contact us

Eksentria Oy
Eksentria Denmark filial

Borups Allé 132, 5. 4.
2000 Frederiksberg

Our mailbox

Erika Loimukallio

Managing Director

tel. +45 53 56 58 20

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