Are you in need of developer resources?

We offer to provide software development resources based in Vietnam, and help in the initiation of the collaboration.
We help our clients get the best start on all communication with our offshore team.
We have over 10 years of experience with our Vietnamese software partner – with mutual trust.
We deliver development resources for low cost, with reliability and ensuring quality.

Safe way to overcome the availability and price inconveniences of developer resources

The service includes

Providing the right developer or architect for your tech project.

We provide technical resources for different kinds of projects. Once we know the requirements from the client, we provide CVs of the technical resources for the client to evaluate.

Help in initiation of the project to ensure good communication.

We ensure that our technical resources and the client have a common understanding of the project, communication, tools and ways of working.

Ongoing help to ensure a smooth and productive process.

We do not leave our customers alone once the project has started. We take responsibility of a smooth progress, and step in to help if needed.

Contact us

Eksentria Oy
Eksentria Denmark filial

Borups Allé 132, 5. 4.
2000 Frederiksberg

Our Mailbox

Erika Loimukallio

Managing Director

tel. +45 53 56 58 20

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