Eksentria Oy is a company based in Finland, founded in 2006. The core mission of the company from the start is to develop different applications in the digital world relating to different types of content, also offering consulting, management and development of tailor-made software projects.

In 2011 Eksentria expanded to offer CRM project management and consulting. In 2016 Eksentria put its business on hold for a few years as the company’s key person got a notable opportunity to expand experience and qualifications outside the company. In 2020 Eksentria re-started, established an affiliate and moved the company management in Denmark (Eksentria Denmark filial).

Eksentria Oy operates in collaboration with other companies representing different fields of business in order to form a network where everyone can concentrate in their core competencies.


Eksentria Oy offers various skills for the use of its customers:

  • Project management (agile)
  • CRM consulting
  • Content technology solutions
  • Software development
  • User interface design
  • Training
  • Idea development

More details on CRM expertise and software development can be found in those sections on this web site.


Eksentria has developed two products of its own:

  • Babytale
  • Netkampus

The most important thing in developing the company’s own products is a close relationship to the customers or/and users. The goal is to do development according to the customer’s needs and requirements as far as you can go. As a small company it is possible to be so agile that staying bound to a long-term plan is not necessary when the sense shows otherwise.