Optimising the CRM system not only adds value to the investment, but also saves money in the long run.

  • Salesforce is a platform that makes almost anything possible, why not utilize its possibilities?
  • Every extra click costs money and lowers user adoption.
  • Wrong or misleading CRM processes can lead to costly errors.


Sales revenues


Customer satisfaction


Marketing ROI

CRM is a big investment.
Often processes have changed or initial planning was undermined.


Initial configuration and customization was not properly done Cost of proper implementation was unexpected Skills were inadequate for a proper implementation The need for proper set-up was not recognized


Company processes have changed, and the CRM system is not reflecting those changes

CRM platform optimization

Getting the most out of the organisation’s CRM system requires effort, but it pays back in a long run. It is never too late gain the efficiencies through optimization of the CRM platform.

CRM expert resources are scarce, which means that the laws of supply and demand have raised the prices. However, our Salesforce developers and architects are in an offshore location, which means that we can offer our full service at lower cost.

Optimization is not only about configuration and customization, but proper analysis and solution design is important. We offer the following services:

<!--:en-->Problem identification <br>and analysis<!--:--><!--:fi-->Ongelman määrittely <br>ja analysointi<!--:-->
Problem identification
and analysis

  • Review of current business processes
  • Review of existing CRM processes
  • Proposal of improvements

<!--:en--><p>Developing the solution</p><!--:--><!--:fi--><p>Ratkaisun kehittäminen ja toteutus</p><!--:-->

Developing the solution

  • Configuration
  • Customization
  • Integrations

<!--:en-->Project management <br>(agile)<!--:--><!--:fi-->Projektijohtaminen <br>(ketterät menetelmät)<!--:-->
Project management

  • Running the project and ensuring agile methodology
  • Implementation
  • Change management

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