…but lack the expertise or time to achieve it?



We can help. Eksentria is a small company, but our network is strong. We are able to offer expertise extensively in different kinds of software projects. We can gather a team that has the precise knowledge and skills needed for a particular project. We can provide the services tailor-made depending on which resources you are lacking:


  • The very initial phase: feasibility and market review
  • Resource planning
  • Planning phase: requirement specification
  • Design phase: technical specifications
  • Visual design
  • Development of the software
  • Testing
  • Integrations
  • Maintenance





We differentiate by being agile. Not just using agile processes, but being able to adapt fast and in open-minded way to volatilities in our business relationships and projects. We want to keep our customers happy and that means meeting the requirements in every step of the way – not just at the end.


  • We can adjust the team structure when needed
  • We can adjust the team skills when needed
  • We can adjust the team size when needed
  • We can adjust the course of development
  • We can adjust the scope
  • We can adjust the content of the development
  • We can adjust the time frame (as far as it is possible)