NetKampus is an e-learning platform. The main difference to other e-learning platforms are:

  • It is simple
  • It is inexpensive

The simplicity means that we have focused on an environment that is easy to use and contains only the necessary – but all required – functionalities. The easiness of use has cost us no more than innovative thinking, but limiting the functionalities to only those that are essential has made the development more cost-effective, which means lower price to our customers. We have started to develop the platform solely from the customer needs. The initial version was developed based on several discussions with one educational organization. From there we have added features and functionalities as we have received requests from the clients. All the new functionalities are always automatically available for all the customers and users. The customers of NetKampus are mainly different educational organizations, such as universities and colleges, but also both public and private organizations that offer training or other informative material to their stakeholders. The platform fulfills the digital training needs of an organization that does not require highly complex system with time-consuming configuration possibilities, but instead needs a basic functioning system for basic training online with lower cost. NetKampus environment has been designed for distribution of digital material. This material distributed can be almost any kind of digital file or other information channel. The platform contains all necessary functionalities for creating a basic digital training course. Functionalities:

  • Hierarchical course and lecture structure
  • Distribution of files and links; question sheets, reviews, reading material, case studies..
  • Quizes and follow-up
  • Discussion forums
  • Chat
  • Calendar
  • Personal space for communication
  • User groups
  • Innovative user management
  • Course instructor groups
  • Organization management

The platform is a hosted web application, Software As A Service (SAAS), so no hardware or maintenance resources are needed from the client. The learning environment is secured with authentication, and the client organization decides on what level of rights are to be issued and to whom. The authentication and user accounts maintenance are part of the service.