Eksentria always has new ideas under development. Currently two ideas have passed the filter and are on their way to development.


Shopinfo is a technology-aided marketing solution for retail industry implemented through mobile application. It will offer retail shops targeted marketing tool and consumers a way of finding exactly what they need. The development was started a few years ago, but the project has been on hold, waiting for the market to be ready.

Online video presentations

NetKaptor is a predecessor of the new product, a video-presentation tool that has been as a product in our product portfolio already earlier. It was based on open source software, but the development took a course undesired by us, and we decided to start developing a new tool for the same purpose – with a more modern and user-oriented approach. The application offers a user – corporate/public sector or private consumer – ability to create a synchronized and indexed combination of video and slide presentation. The tool can be used for delivering any information that requires showing video and slides simultaneously with the ability to jump to desired point with the help of the "table of content". The application will have the following features:

  • Fully hosted online tool
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to deliver
  • Secure

The process of developing the new product is in the very beginning at the moment.